How do I stop my hands from drying out?

April 10, 2020

Let’s be honest until the COVID-19 pandemic none of us were washing our hands long enough to sing Happy Birthday. And now we are not only washing our hands for 20 seconds but we are doing it multiple times

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Organic face oil for radiant glowing skin

November 05, 2019

Since the Gentle organic face oil was such a big hit, we thought we’d add a couple of new scents to the range - Bloom and Unwind

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Ingredient Focus: Himalayan Pink Salts

October 11, 2019

You might have noticed we quite like Himalayan pink salts. They appear in our body scrubs and they are the star of the show in our bath salts.

It seems that they are a firm favourite with others too – popping up in kitchens, spas and even in the corner of

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Celebrating World Environment Day

June 05, 2019

On 5th June it is World Environment Day – a day when we make an active effort to do something to take care of the Earth. Really, we should be doing something every day to improve the only planet we call home, but in this busy day and age

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How to use Nathalie Bond Skin Balm

May 31, 2019 2 Comments

Here’s a question we often get asked: how do I use my Nathalie Bond Skin Balm? At Nathalie Bond HQ, the Skin Balm is a popular product – we use it on hands, feet, faces, babies, nipples...

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Recycled Packaging With Nathalie Bond

April 08, 2019

At Nathalie Bond we are extremely proud of the organic skincare and home products we produce and sell. As we have genuine concerns about the over-use of toxic

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The Benefits of Rose Geranium

March 12, 2019 1 Comment

Rose Geranium is the essential ingredient in our Bloom range from Nathalie Bond. But how many people know and understand the benefits of using rose geranium? Find out more

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Organic Skincare Gift Sets for Mothers Day

March 01, 2019

A lovely selection of Organic Skincare Gift Sets for Mothers Day from Nathalie Bond organic skincare

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Organic Skincare for baby and newborn skin

February 01, 2019

A baby’s skin is very delicate so it’s important that it is treated with care. Organic Skincare for baby and newborn skin is a must, as you will find out reading more.

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Organic Lip Balm from Nathalie Bond

January 23, 2019

A bit more about our wonderfully organic lip balm from Nathalie Bond.

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Using Nathalie Bond Soap for Face, Body and… Hair!

January 18, 2019

Our handmade organic liquid soaps and soap bars can be used on the body and face and customers even find they like using them on their hair!

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Which Essential Oils To Use and Avoid During Pregnancy

January 02, 2019

A guide to knowing and understanding which Essential Oils to use & avoid during pregnancy

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