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Get to know Natalie Bond

Natalie and Alfred Bond

Find out a little more about Nat, the big chief of Nathalie Bond.

Where did life begin? In hospital in Mülheim, Germany in 1983. I was born to an English mum and a Dutch dad.

Favourite childhood memories? It has to be playing on the swings with one of my two younger sisters when we were growing up.

Favourite drink? I am prone to a nice coffee. My favourite place to drink and chat has to be Marmadukes on Norfolk Row in Sheffield.

Night in or night out? In!

What's your favourite song? I don't really have favourite songs but I really like Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard.

Favourite place or holiday destination? We went to Bora Bora on our honeymoon and it was the most amazing places I've ever been to. The water in the lagoon was incredible.

Favourite item of clothing? Hmm...not sure really. The first thing that came to mind, oddly, is tights. Don't ask me why! 

Favourite beauty product? I love our face oil and use it every day.

When did you start your own business? At the beginning of 2014, a little later than we had hoped although we've been talking about starting a company for a couple of years. We have no business experience so we've had lots of helpful advice from friends and family.

Best thing about running your own business? Doing something I feel passionately about and expressing it the way Andy and I want to. 

Most difficult thing about running your own business? There is never enough time in a day, trying to juggle work and being a mother. I can't express how thrilled I am to not be homeschooling the kids as well as trying to run a business. I'm sure many women will agree!

What are some of your favourite things about being a mum? Hearing your little one say 'mummy' for the first time and reaching out for their first hug is a pretty special aspect of being a mum. But also the never ending giggles and joy it brings to our home.

How do you balance being a mum and running a business? Tbh, I'm not sure. I have to be really organised with my time and make sure that I don't overcommit. I find that really difficult though.

Who is your biggest inspiration? I know many people look to famous icons at this point, but honestly, I draw my inspiration from Jesus, and my amazing friends.

Why did you start the company? Well... in short, the cosmetic industry is moving towards cheaply made products containing an alarming cocktail of chemical ingredients and (many) brands that put constant pressure on women to look younger. Pregnancy propelled me to read about the why's as a lot of the high street products I was using made me feel sick at their smell when I was pregnant. I then became increasingly convinced that coming back to nature was the way forward - ethically, sustainably, and from a cost perspective.

What would be your perfect day off? Uhh... a lie in would be lovely followed by a run and a nice hearty breakfast - not a cooked breakfast mind you! And then a read in front of the fire or out in the sun... depending on the season. Maybe a coffee or lunch date with a friend or my lovely kids, followed by a walk out in the countryside. And to finish the day, a cozy meal at a local pub with friends or just my hubby. I do quite like flowers too... so if they featured somewhere in the day, I wouldn't mind!

Favourite quote? I don't really have favourite quotes, but something our elder at church said recently has stayed with me: 'You invest in your character and let God bring about what he wants to bring about.'


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