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The unwind range is beautifully scented with a blend of floral lavender and uplifting bergamot essential oils.

Lavender essential oil is a middle note steam distilled from the flowers of lavandula angustifolia. Lavender oil has an unmistakable sweet, floral and herbal aroma found in body care and perfumes. The name lavender is derived from the Latin lavare, meaning, “to wash”. Greeks and Romans perfumed their bathwater with lavender, burned lavender incense to appease their wrathful gods.

Bergamot essential oil is cold-pressed from fruit peels and then fractionated to remove the bergaptene, making this oil non-phototoxic. It has a fresh citrusy aroma with sweet, floral and bitter notes.

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Nathalie Bond Unwind Candle 170ml

Unwind Candle

From  £9.75
White Nathalie Bond Kaolin Clay and Lavender Palm-Free Soap

Unwind Soap Bar

From  £6.50
Unwind Bath Salts

Unwind Bath Salts

From  £8.75
Unwind Organic Skin Balm

Unwind Balm

Unwind Body Oil 100ml

Unwind Body Oil

From  £10.00
Nathalie Bond Unwind Natural Liquid Soap

Unwind Liquid Soap

From  £11.75
Unwind Home Mist

Unwind Home Mist

Nathalie Bond Unwind Lip Balm | Organic + Vegan Luxury Lip Balm

Unwind Lip Balm

Unwind Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Unwind Essential Oil Blend


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