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Meet the Team

Natalie - Managing Director

Nat oversees the sales, strategic, quality check, legal, and administrative side of the business. She loves hanging out with her three kids and their 3 chickens - Icy, Lukey, and Rosie - she takes no responsibility for the names! A good walk or run by the sea, or in the forest always makes her feel good. Without a doubt, spending time with Jesus, coffee dates, sitting by a fire, cuddles with her kids, a fun project, and dreaming and mulling over life and stuff with Andy are in her list of favourite things to do. Her most looked forward to a meal in a day is definitely breakfast - who doesn't love the variety on offer! After many teenage years trying out silly amounts of skincare products that left her skin feeling tight and blotchy, Nat loves the Nathalie Bond face care range. It's her daily skincare routine and leaves her skin feeling wonderful, fresh and nourished.

Andy - Creative Director

Andy is also a Director at Nathalie Bond and runs the day to day operations, marketing and social side of the business. He is usually swearing at a spreadsheet or helping to get your orders get out of the door smoothly. When he's not at work he should be doing exercise but probably isn't. On his more relaxing days, he loves bike rides on the promenade, daddy dates eating chips on the beach or enjoying a good whisky with ice. Slightly addicted to Rightmove. His favourite products are the Revive Liquid Soap and Unwind Soap Bar. He also loves cake.

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