Meet the Team

Nathalie Bond

As Managing Director of Nathalie Bond Organics, Nat oversees account management, finance and the philanthropic side of the business. When she's not bossing everyone around, she likes to hang out with her boys, enjoying time with her friends, and drinking coffee. She also loves a good walk, a heart to heart, and her favourite meal is definitely breakfast. Nat loves our Peppermint and Eucalyptus Body Scrub.

Andy Bond

Andy is also a Director at Nathalie Bond and runs the creative side of the business. He is most often taking photographs, reviewing recipes and tweaking the website. When he's not at work he's probably trying to do some pull ups or watching Octonauts with the kids. On his more relaxing days, he loves trips to the beach, eating burgers and drinking gin, ideally in the bath. His favourite product is the Orange + Cedarwood Liquid Soap.

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