Meet the Team

Our little hardworking team is as multifunctional as our products. Here you can learn a little bit about what makes them tick.

Nathalie Bond

As Managing Director of Nathalie Bond, Nat oversees account management, finance and the philanthropic side of the business. She likes to hang out with her boys, enjoying time with her friends, and drinking coffee. She also loves a good walk, a heart to heart, and her favourite meal is definitely breakfast. Nat loves the Revive Body Scrub.

Andy Bond

Andy is also a Director at Nathalie Bond and runs the creative side of the business. He is most often taking photographs, reviewing recipes and tweaking the website. When he's not at work he's probably trying to do some pull-ups or watching war films. On his more relaxing days, he loves trips to Padley Gorge or the beach, eating pizza and drinking a good G&T, ideally in the bath. His favourite product is the Glow Soap Bar.

Tom Rattigan

My job is Head of Production. I make sure that everything that's shipped out of the workshop is the best it could be. I can now add butcher, baker and candlestick maker to my CV. I’m in the Guild of Butchers, been a creative director and built timber-framed houses for a while. I love challenges and I'm always inspired to learn more. This year I want to learn 12 new things and run 1200 kilometres. My favourite product is soap bars, hands down my favourite. Natural, simple and lovely to use, every time I use it even after making 10,000+ bars I still love it. I cannot say the same for meat. In very few places have I experienced such passion and heart for truly wanting to do stuff better. As somebody who only very very rarely uses any product, it's with great joy I use the products we make :)