Organic face oil for radiant glowing skin

November 05, 2019

Face Oil

A little while ago we noticed our Gentle Organic Face Oil was really stacking up the reviews. Customers were writing things like “highly recommended” and “just what I needed”. The silky smooth organic remedy was really hitting the right notes.

That’s probably because it is a lovely blend of argan oil, baobab seed oil, camellia seed oil and calendula oil. All of the oils are packed with vitamins and helpful fatty acids. Argan oil is high in Vitamin E making it a handy ingredient when trying to maintain glowing skin and luscious hair. And calendula oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm skin. 

Since the Gentle Face Oil was such a big hit, we thought we’d add a couple of new scents to the range. Bloom and Unwind contain the same balanced oil blend as their Gentle sister, but they also include rose geranium and lavender essential oils to add a bit of aroma to the skincare routine.

Instead of us listing all the benefits and recommended uses of the Face Oil, we thought we’d let our customers do it since they use it every day!

"It leaves skin radiant" - Lucie

I’ve been using this oil once or twice a day for two months now and I absolutely love it. It’s light and silky and not at all greasy, and my skin feels really soft and looks clearer and more even in tone. The pores on my nose are less visible and my skin feels well hydrated. When it says that it’s formulated to leave skin luminous and radiant, they mean it!

"It hydrates my skin" – Sarah

My mature combination skin was nervous at the thought of using oil, which seemed to go against the grain of what I thought I knew. I took the plunge anticipating a breakout as a result of changing my skincare routine. I was wrong. No breakouts just soft, non-greasy skin that feels well hydrated. It’s not been a problem using it with my topical medication for rosacea and to be honest I can’t stop touching my face as the skin feels so soft!

"It soothes psoriasis" - Mally

I’ve suffered from psoriasis all my life and often have to shave my head in order to allow my scalp to breath as it gets worst affected. I recently shaved my head and was left with red raw circles on my scalp from my psoriasis. I was given some of the gentle face oil by my wife to help soothe my scalp but what I wasn’t expecting was that in a matter of days the itching stopped and the red circles had gone. My scalp feels soft and no longer sore. It’s a winner for me and I will continue to use it on my face and scalp. Great product.

"It reduces breakouts" – Naomi

I’m in love with it. I've always thought that using oil for my greasy, spotty, acne-prone skin would be the worst thing in the world but it’s the best and I hardly ever have breakouts if I use this every night. I've suffered with my skin since my teens and have tried just about everything.

"It works day and night" – Katie

I've been using this oil as my sole moisturiser for a month and I love it! Four drops does my whole face and neck. My skin is made super soft yet not greasy. Make-up sits really well on top and somehow this oil balances my combination skin brilliantly. However, I love to use it at night; a bit of luxury before bed and my skin still feels really good in the morning. At four drops a day this wonder bottle will last me ages too!

"It cuts down on single-use plastics" – Lynn

A present from my husband (after many hints!). I was looking for some way to cut down single-use plastics and at the same time cope with my sensitive skin. This answered both needs and is completely wonderful.

To see the full Nathalie Bond Organic Face Oil range, visit

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