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How to use Nathalie Bond Balm

A nourishing organic and vegan balm for the whole body

Here’s a question we often get asked: how do I use my Nathalie Bond Balm? Here at HQ, the Balm is a popular product, because it's so incredibly versatile – you can use it in so many ways, so here is a blog post to help answer that question.

In simple terms, the Balm is a moisturiser. It's primary purpose is to rehydrate dry patches, nourish skin and leave you with a little glow – as all good moisturisers should! It might not look like the sort of creamy moisturisers you are familiar with and that’s because it is waterless and oil-based.

Oil is oily but do not let that put you off. Indeed it is, but that is a good thing. Oils are great natural moisturisers. Creamy concoctions are water-based which means they require synthetic chemical preservatives to keep them fresh, so if you want to avoid rubbing unnecessary chemicals onto your skin, oils are the perfect remedy. The ingredients we use are a blend of organic apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower seed oil and calendula with organic cocoa butter and natural candelilla wax to thicken it up. It contains no beeswax so it's perfectly suitable for vegans too!

When you apply products containing chemicals to your skin it can irritate it and cause it to overcompensate by producing more oil. Applying oil-based products actually helps calm everything down; oil attracts oil and can dissolve sebum and grease without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Right, that’s enough use of the word “oil” – you can learn more about that here:

So, the Balm is a moisturiser, and this is how we’d recommend using it…


After you’ve washed and dried your face, take a pea-sized amount and massage gently into the skin. It sits neatly under make-up but as previously noted it is oil-based so you don’t want to use tons. Perfect for use as part of your night time routine and in the morning too. The Bloom Balm and Unwind Balm are recommended for all skin types. 


Particularly handy if you have dry hands that need some regular TLC. Pop the jar in your bag and apply a small amount after you’ve washed and dried your hands. Again, you don’t want to apply too liberally, focus on massaging into those sensitive spaces between your fingers.


As with hands, get rid of dry patches by massaging in a pea-sized amount after showering. The ideal solution for tired feet after a winter cooped up inside boots and woolly socks. The peppermint and eucalyptus Revive Balm is perfect for this!

Sensitive Skin

We get emails from quite a few customers who are suffering with rosacea and psoriasis and again the Gentle Balm is the right product to help soothe irritated skin.


Growing a human in your belly is a remarkable phenomenon. The human body goes through a many changes in the process. Stretch marks are extremely common and completely natural. However, it’s totally okay if you have a desire to minimise or prevent them and the Nathalie Bond Gentle Balm is a great remedy. Because it contains no essential oils, the Gentle Balm is is suitable for any time during pregnancy including the first trimester.


The Gentle Balm is not just free from chemicals but essential oils too, which is super important when applying anything to new-born skin. Nat has used this remedy on all three of her little ones – she recommends applying it like a nappy cream at the start and end of the day to prevent nappy rash and keep a natural barrier on their sensitive bottom areas. It's also great for little dry patches on their faces and is a great massage balm too.


One for breastfeeding mums! Soothe overworked nipples with a small amount of Balm. Again, we’d recommend only using the Gentle Balm as it doesn't contain essential oils. Nat has used this balm as an alternative to mainstream nipple creams and it has worked a treat.

Patch Test

There's one last thing to remember! We always recommend that you test the balm on a small area of skin especially if you have sensitive skin, and observe for 24 hours before using it.

Now you are fully prepped and ready to use the Nathalie Bond Balm, you can shop the range here and check out the rave reviews:


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