Soap Bars

We have created a range of vegan-friendly, paraben-free soap bars and liquid soaps that are all natural and also entirely chemical-free and cruelty-free. Our gentle and versatile soap bars combine aromatic essential oils with silky smooth clay, vitamins, coconut oil and plant buds to cleanse without drying out your skin. Also they're totally palm free and plastic free too! Hurray!

See why our soaps are different to supermarket soaps.

On average, women apply 168 chemicals to their skin every day and are not aware of the impact that these ingredients have on long-term health and the environment. Our philosophy at Nathalie Bond is “Less Is More” which is why we only use gentle natural ingredients in our products.

Take a look at our recommendations for how you cleanse, tone and moisturise with the Nathalie Bond organic facial skincare range.