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skincare for pregnancy and post birth

Using Nathalie Bond Products in Pregnancy and Post Birth

In our latest blog post Natalie Bond takes some time to highlight how to use Nathalie Bond products during pregnancy and how to approach essential oils safely from pregnancy through to post birth.


First of all. Congratulations! If you have successfully conceived you’ll be over the moon and rightly so.

Pregnancy is an amazing time but can also bring a host of worries. We are here to help navigate the essential oil and skincare side of things to take one thing off your mind to research.


Essential oils are not generally recommended as suitable for using on the skin within the first trimester of pregnancy, so we would stick to that rule.

This is partly why we created our gentle range, as I myself was in need of some TLC during all 3 of my pregnancies and some deep skin nourishing too. Therefore our full gentle range is great for customers with sensitive skin, and 100% safe for the first stage of pregnancy.

Diffusing oils in the home can also be useful to ease some of the side effects relating to pregnancy. To help beat morning sickness, as an example, add some of our revive essential blend to your diffuser, or spritz some of our revive organic home mist into the air. Then take some deep breaths to settle the stomach. Be careful not to overdo it though and limit the time the diffuser is on for no longer than 1 hour in every 24.


Diluted Essential oils can be used on the skin after the first trimester, and we have created a list in our next blog, for safe and unsafe essential oils and which of our products you can use confidently in those last two trimesters. But, if in doubt, it is best to check first with a medical professional or qualified aromatherapist You can find details of aromatherapists local to you on the IFPA Website.


After birth it is advisable that essential oils are not used for direct skin contact as they have quite strong odours that can interfere with the mum/baby bonding. However, using essential oils for inhalation to help relax or energise after a sleepless night can be beneficial.

Bringing a new born baby in to the family is a truly wonderful thing, but sleepless nights and erratic days can leave you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Make sure you take some time to refresh. We give you some ways to do that below.  

Bathing –

Herbal salt baths can speed healing and reduce swelling by encouraging circulation. They can help you relax and sooth postpartum discomfort from stitches, perineal bruising, and haemorrhoids, and also give you some much needed time out! Have a look at our bath salts. You can also add oatmeal to ease any itching experienced when recovering with stitches.

Diffusing –

Use your diffuser with our essential oil blends to give you a boost or relaxation. Again, be careful not to overdo it and do not use the diffuser for any longer than 1 hour in 24. See our blog post on our essential oil blends for more info.

Relaxation –

Our Room Mists and Bloom Face Mist is also a wonderfully simple solution for pushed-for-time new parents. Or when you have a little more time in an evening, during those cluster feeds, why not put one of our candles on in the background and allow the gentle fragrance and flame set a relaxing scene.

Baby and Mum –

Our gentle range has been created with baby and mum in mind. Through all 3 of my pregnancies, 4th trimester and beyond, the gentle range has been my saving grace. I have used the soap block straight after birth to cleanse myself and my baby. I have used the skin balm and face oil for my own moisturising, and babies too. It’s lovely on their new born skin and serves as a fantastic bottom balm to help alleviate those sore bottoms. The skin balm has also been my alternative to the mainstream nipple balms on the market.

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