Enjoy Candles... But Please Stay Safe

November 30, 2018

candle safety

As we head into the dark winter months, we feel like hibernating, lighting fires and candles and snuggle a hot water bottle… we feel it’s important to remind our customers to be careful when burning candles.

The British Candle Makers Federation suggests that fires caused by candles account for 5% of total house fires. This is higher than matches and lighters combined, but significantly lower than other ignition sources such as electrical faults. It is worth noting that house fires attributed to candles are falling – according to the UK fire statistics report, “candle fire totals are now around a half less than the 2001-02 figure”; and at 951 in 2013-14. This reduction is partly due to increased consumer knowledge around candle safety and the introduction of effective safety warnings and pictograms. This demonstrates the benefit/need for good quality user instructions/warnings and that they do make a difference.

So, let’s stay safe whilst enjoying the lovely candle-lit ambience.

How to do this…

Compliant Labels

Nathalie Bond applies Hazards and Warnings Labels to our candles, which are compliant with the CLP requirements, and also with the European Standards, particularly BS EN 15494:2007 “Product Safety Labels”. This specifies the format and content of product warning labels for indoor candles. The standard requires that all information supplied with a candle is presented in a clear format on the product and should be easily and non-verbally comprehensive. Our warning stickers are stuck to the bottom of the candle and look like this image. Please ensure that you follow these guidelines for safe burning, and use the batch number if you have any feedback or concerns when contacting us so we can investigate.


Product Testing

We do regular test burns on our candles, to ensure consistency and quality. If, for some reason, you are unsure of how the candle you have purchased looks or is burning, please get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. 

Now go and enjoy some safe burning…or if you haven’t yet purchased one, head over to our candle section of the shop to see which fragrance and size of our 100% natural candles you would love in your home.

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