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Skincare Philosophy

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another - Juvenal

Our philosophy: simplicity. Use only pure and natural ingredients.

Our mission: to make simple, all-natural multi-use skincare that is kind to your body and the planet.

Multi-purpose products are the easiest way to simplify your personal care routine. Why use 10 skincare products when you could be using one? Your body is already great at producing oil to maintain healthy skin, however, hot showers and skincare packed with synthetic ingredients can strip away our natural oils. And certain chemicals can even go a bit further and damage skin. All skincare should really do, is give your body a helping hand. So – as an alternative –we’ve created a range of products that are entirely natural, botanical, organic, chemical-free and cruelty-free. The handcrafted collection is small, sustainable and versatile, simplifying your beauty routine and the bathroom cupboard at the same time. Each product includes icons that explain how to use it.

If you're still not sure – here's how Nat uses the products...


Mixed with coconut oil, shea butter, vitamins, plant buds and essential oils, the Soap Block is super gentle and suitable for cleaning almost everything. The Liquid Soap is just as helpful too and sits neatly next to the kitchen sink. Whether you like your soap to come in a bar or a bottle, both blends make a great body wash or face cleanser.


Round off a refreshing shower with the Body Scrub. We’d recommend using one of these solutions every other day to wash away dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin. The scrub is blended with a variety of natural oils and Dead Sea salts, so they leave skin feeling moisturised and soft. They are so gentle; you can even use them on your face.


Both the Body Oil and Skin Balm do a great job of moisturising – thanks to their oil-based formulas. A splash of body oil when skin is damp – either on the body or the face – will hydrate skin. Meanwhile, the Skin Balm is perfect for use anytime, any place. For example, if dry hands/cheeks/elbows etc. need a bit of TLC just dab a spot of balm onto the offending area. And if your lips need a little bit of extra moisturising in the day, pop a Lip Balm in your pocket.


Not integral to a morning skincare routine, but the Bath Salts contain a whole range of health benefits – which means soaking in them is productive as well as soothing. A warm bath can also improve with a drop of fragrant body oil too.