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Our Ingredients Promise


At Nathalie Bond, we specialise in skincare products that are certified to the COSMOS standard by the Soil Association, Europe's most well-respected organic certifying body. Most people associate the Soil Association with organic food and they may wonder why an organic standard should be important in body and skin care products. According to European law, all food must be certified as organic before it can be sold as organic. But this regulation does not extend to skincare products. It means that any company is allowed to label and market a product as organic - even if it only contains tiny amounts of organic ingredients and when the product contains other ingredients that are linked to health concerns - which are prohibited under organic food standards. Unfortunately, this is rife in the skincare industry and we believe it's dangerous. As we have genuine concerns about the over-use of toxic chemicals - for both human health and the natural environment, becoming a Soil Association licensee shows our commitment to using truly organic ingredients and championing change for a greener and cleaner planet. With this in mind, we have gone through the process with the Soil Association and been inspected over the last few months and are now officially certified to the COSMOS standard.

Being COSMOS certified means:

+ Products are made using only organically farmed ingredients that have been grown without herbicides or synthetic fertilisers.
+ No animal testing
+ No Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients
+ No controversial chemicals
+ No parabens and phthalates
+ No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
+ Working to the highest possible environmental and ethical standards