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Hello! Free 30ml Sunshine Body Oil worth £9.75 for all orders over £35


We love our planet which is why we are trying to do our bit to minimise waste and in particular, reduce the amount of plastic we use. That is why instead of plastic bottles, we only use glass containers that are 100% recyclable and reusable. We've also replaced plastic lids with aluminium lids. Both glass and aluminium are amazing materials that can be recycled an infinite amount of times. We realise that our liquid soap, body oils and hand sanitiser have plastic pumps but we offer the option of refills so once you have a pump you can keep reusing it forever instead of throwing it away. Plus we've made our plastic refills a little bit cheaper to encourage you to do the right thing.

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Nathalie Bond Bloom Natural Liquid Soap

Bloom Liquid Soap

From  £11.25
Nathalie Bond Unwind Natural Liquid Soap

Unwind Liquid Soap

From  £11.25
Nathalie Bond Sunshine Natural Liquid Soap

Sunshine Liquid Soap

From  £11.25
Nathalie Bond Glow Natural Liquid Soap

Glow Liquid Soap

From  £11.25
Nathalie Bond Revive Natural Liquid Soap

Revive Liquid Soap

From  £11.25
Bloom Body Oil 100ml

Bloom Body Oil

From  £9.75
Unwind Body Oil 100ml

Unwind Body Oil

From  £9.75
Sunshine Body Oil 100ml

Sunshine Body Oil

From  £9.75
Nathalie Bond Hand Sanitiser 100ml

Hand Sanitiser Spray

From  £4.50

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