When Water isn't Good For You

September 05, 2016

Natural and organic Nathalie Bond Organics Lavender Skin Balm

The title of this blog might surprise you. It surprised me too. How can water be problematic? We all know it is necessary for hydration, great for skin and impossible to live without. Turns out we certainly could live without it in our skincare. 

Water in skincare immediately requires the addition of preservatives to stop the development of bacteria, and chemical additives are needed to ensure the oils and ingredients blend properly. So you can never apply it without also applying a whole bunch of nasty chemicals.

Ok, so water in skincare requires chemicals, but surely water-based products are hydrating right? Wrong! They provide a layer of protection between you and the outside world, stopping moisture escaping. However, because they don't sink very far into the skin, they evaporate pretty quickly leaving your skin dry all over again.

The big news is, the majority of creams are water-based and therefore not natural or that effective. At Nathalie Bond Organics we avoid water by creating nourishing lotions with oil instead. Oils sink further into the skin and work with your skin's sebaceous glands to provide a more effective layer of protection. 

So our Body Oil is perfect for locking-in moisture after a shower and our Skin Balm works wonders on cheeks, hands, troublesome dry patches and under make-up. And our lovely workshop assistant Leanne has super sensitive skin and she loves our Skin Balm. Success!

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