Simplify the Skincare Routine

April 25, 2017

Simplify the Skincare Routine

Have you ever counted how many skincare products you use every day? And then counted the number of chemicals in each of those products? You might get a bit of a surprise - according to The Guardian, the average woman applies 168 chemicals to skin every single day. We wrote about that a few years ago, here:

Besides, it takes a long time to apply all that shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturiser, body lotion - and that's all before you even get to the make-up bag! And all these products extend your shopping list, clog up your bathroom cupboard and eventually the landfill too.

In our quest to simplify the ingredients in our skincare, we started thinking about simplfying our whole skincare routine and asking questions about how many of these so-called "staple" products we even needed. Which is how we ended up creating a skincare range with multi-use products, so mornings can be both straightforward and chemical-free.

All of our products now include little icons (see picture above), allowing you to identify all the different ways to use them. But, just to help you, here is how the NBO team use the products...

1. Apply Soap
Wash face, hair and body using either a Soap Block or Liquid Soap. A little pump of liquid soap into a shower scrub can go a long way, and it smells delightfully bright - perfect for bleary eyed mornings. When it comes to hair care, we do advise that it takes a while for hair to get used to the lack of chemicals in the products - so give it some time. Both Nat and Andy ditched shampoo a long time ago.

2. Exfoliate
Every other day, rub a small amount of Body Scrub on your back and cheeks to get rid of dead skin cells and unblock pores. The Body Scrub scents match the Liquid Soap range, so you can pair-up your favourite fragrances. 

3. Moisturise
Once the showering is done, massage Skin Balm into your face and body for long-lasting moisture. The beeswax blend doesn't include water so it counteracts that feeling of tight skin you get after washing. Let the wax sink into skin for deep nourishment. Plus it sits nicely under make-up too.

4. Go!
If you're out and about in the day, but just need a little bit of mositure for lips or skin, pop a small pot of Lip Balm or Skin Balm into your bag.

Straightforward hey? And no chemicals involved either. We have icons for all sorts of things - like boobs and babies too - so keep a look out when you are purchasing products so you can use items to their full potential.

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