Sensitive Skin? Nathalie Bond Skin Balm to the Rescue!

January 09, 2017

Sensitive Skin? Nathalie Bond Skin Balm to the Rescue!

Lovely Leanne, who spends her time in our workshop making our products, has very sensitive skin. The sort of sensitive skin where gloves are necessary when sleeping. We often boast of the soothing abilities of our Extra Sensitive Skin Balm, and Hannah could have written hundreds of words trying to persuade you of its benefits, but we thought Leanne's real life account of using it would be more interesting. We asked her some questions about how it has helped to calm her sensitive skin and eczema.

Q. Would you describe your skin as sensitive?
A. Yes my skin has always been sensitive and very dry! I had particularly bad eczema as a child and remember having to be lathered in cream and bandaged up like a mummy. Even now I tend to wear cotton gloves in bed to help moisturise my hands and stop me from scratching (very attractive, I know). My skin just generally doesn’t like most things from washing up/cleaning products, certain foods, dust or even the sun. I even have to take my own bedding on holiday with me to stop my skin from getting bad. As you can imagine, I was a nightmare child!

Q. Have you always had to be careful about the types of products you use on your skin?
A. I’ve had to be careful with lots of products including creams, shower gels and washing powders. My mum had to hunt high and low when I was a child to find a suitable cream for me. In the end I ended up having to have one specifically mixed up by the chemist.

Q. How have you found using Nathalie Bond Organics Extra Sensitive Skin Balm?
A. The beauty of the Extra Sensitive Skin Balm is that it doesn’t sting! It is oil based so doesn’t contain any water or preservatives, so I can put it on cracked skin or my eczema with no pain. It’s really moisturising so works brilliantly on my dry skin (I use it on my hands, body and face). Whilst it obviously doesn’t cure the eczema itself, it really helps with the dry skin.

Q. Would you recommend it to others with sensitive skin?
A. Most definitely! I now use it at least twice a day - so I’d hate to be without it.
Give it a try! Nathalie Bond Organics Extra Sensitive Skin Balm is available online at

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