Say "Hi" to The Operations Manager

October 19, 2016

Steve Wylie, Operations Manager at Nathalie Bond Organics

Steve Wylie is the newest addition to the Nathalie Bond Organics team. His practical approach to workshop organisation and his new-found passion for packaging, makes him the perfect Operations Manager. Prior to arriving at NBO HQ he worked in the charity sector. We get to know him a bit more...

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?
Well my wife said "practical" and I would say "thrifty", so somewhere in between!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background. What did you do prior to working at Nathalie Bond?
I have worked in the charity sector for the past 15 years – mostly managing projects that have improve the lives of older people. We live in an increasingly socially fragmented world and it's wrong that certain groups of people are excluded. So I wanted to do something about it.

You are Operations Manager, what does that role include? 
Well it's a new role that is still evolving but – in a nutshell – it will be to work with the directors to help maintain and improve daily operations at NBO HQ. 

Favourite film? 
It all depends on my mood. It could be anything from Pitch Black to Pitch Perfect! It's easier to say what I don't like: period dramas! There's just no need!!

Favourite book?
I have never been a fiction reader, so its got to be the world's best selling book and one which has had the greatest influence on my life – the Bible.

What do you like to do with an evening off?
Easy. Enjoy a night in with my wife, a good film, some wine and Kettle Chips. Winner.

Best thing about working at Nathalie Bond Organics?
Being part of a company that feels like family – they really care and want to do things right. I love that.

What is your favourite product?
Extra Sensitive Skin Balm – it keeps my bald head and bearded face super soft.

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