Recycling Nathalie Bond Organics Containers

November 28, 2016

Recycling Nathalie Bond Organics Containers

We like to create versatile skincare. We like moisturisers that soften anywhere on the body and soaps that clean almost everything. It might be less commonly known, but we also like versatile containers. Once the skincare/wax has drained from the bottom of the bottle, we spruce it up and give it a new life. To give you an idea, here are five of the items that now live in our old NBO containers...

1. Flowers
Along the windowsill in the kitchen, we have a row of amber bottles, some of which used to be home to Nathalie Bond Organics skincare. Every so often we buy a bunch of flowers and place a couple in each bottle - it instantly brightens up the kitchen. We'd recommend using the Body Oil or Liquid Soap bottles for this as they are nice and tall and therefore perfect for long stems.

2. Pencils
Desks are notorious for being messy. But we've found that an old large Candle container is the perfect desk tidy for pens and pencils. And if you wanted to jazz it up, you could always tie a bit of ribbon or fabric round the middle. Now your desk is tidy and pretty!

3. Plants
Old Skin Balm and Candle jars can be given new life with the addition of a plant. Succulents and cacti sit pretty well in one of these old amber jars. They don't need much attention and the green leaves look lovely against the earthy brown container. (Note to the green-fingered: there is no hole at the bottom of these jars so be careful not to drown the plants when watering.)

4. Candles
I know your Nathalie Bond Organics Candle jar used to house a candle, but once it has all been used up, pop a little tea light in the bottom to create a warming, orange glow. With the label removed, the little container gives off a lovely subtle shine as the flame lights up the brown glass. The crafty ones amongst you probably also have ideas about how to redecorate and paint glass. See Pinterest for ideas!

5. Buttons
Old Body Scrub and Bath Salts tubs are perfect for tidying up craft bits and bobs. Fiddly things like beads and buttons are safe and sound in these screw-top tubs. The large opening means it is easy to access the contents too - so should that special button be hiding away, you'll be able to find it relatively easily.

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