One Gift Box = One Free Body Oil

November 09, 2016

One Gift Box = One Free Body Oil

Have you met our Christmas Gift Boxes? We have three lovely new boxes full of aromatic, handmade and natural skincare. We might be a bit biased, but we think they make a great, unique Christmas present. And - to sweeten the deal - buy one this week (9-15 November) and receive a Body Oil for free. You can choose between the Rose Geranium + Patchouli or the Lavender + Chamomile scents - just specify which scent you'd prefer in the notes when you buy a Gift Box online and we'll automatically add it to your order. Probably best to start by choosing your preferred Gift Box though...

Rose Geranium Gift Box
The floral delights of Rose Geranium have always proved to be popular with Nathalie Bond customers. So, we decided to put a whole bunch of Rose Geranium products into one box - allowing you to gift your friends and family with super sweet skincare. The box includes the Liquid Soap, Lip Salve and Skin Balm, which means you can wash, moisturise and go.

Calm Collection Gift Box
This is the only Gift Box carried over from last year. Essentially, we kept it on the shelf because we really like to use it. One of our favourite ways to relax is to fill a steaming hot bath with lavender bath salts and light a lavender candle. It's like creating a spa experience in your own home. This box also features a Lavender Body Oil, which can be applied afterwards and take the scents of lavender to bed with you.

The Starter Kit Gift Box
We know "going organic" can be a bit of a leap. Once you start looking at the ingredients on the back of skincare products it can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we put the NBO products that take us through the waking day into one box. We use Liquid Soap for cleaning, Body Scrub for exfoliating, Skin Balm for moisturising and Lip Salve for soothing cracked lips.

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