Natural SPF Solutions to Summer Sunshine

June 20, 2016

coconuts full of colourful flowers and fruit

Although the storm clouds might say otherwise, this is officially the first week of summer in the UK. It has not been a great start to the sunniest of seasons, but we are still hoping for brighter days ahead. And in order to will the sun to come out, we thought we’d turn our attention to sun cream and write a blog about great natural sources of SPF and organic sun cream brands.

Coconut Oil
Of course, our reliable old pal and so-called super food coconut oil is top of this list. Apart from its credentials as a moisturiser, conditioner, make-up remover and hair protector (the list could go on and on), it also carries a natural SPF. The SPF is relatively low – between four and eight ­– which means you’re still able to absorb a healthy amount of UVB rays that are essential for your body to produce vitamin D.

Badger Sun Cream
A favourite in the natural skincare industry, Badger’s sun cream range is non-nano (doesn’t absorb into the blood stream), biodegradable, natural and organic certified, cruelty free and (of course) it protects against UVA and UVB rays. The basic zinc oxide sunscreen lotion is created with soothing aloe and sunflower oil, which is packed with antioxidants. Plus it won’t clog pores and is unscented so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Shea Butter
Aside from being a wonderful skin softener and very soothing, shea butter also contains a small amount of natural UV sun protection. A spot of this absorbed into your skin every day reduces sun exposure and also slows down the effects of aging. The presence of Vitamin A in shea butter also reduces blemishes, eczema and wrinkles. And, due to the fact it is super nourishing, it is also handy for after sun care, if you accidently sat out in the garden too long.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Depending on the oil’s quality, red raspberry oil can reach an SPF of 50. It protects against UVA and UVB rays and is similar to titanium dioxide, which is found in the majority of mineral sun creams. In addition it is also anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and can protect against ultra violet damage. Its high Vitamin E content also means its an antioxidant, which will stand up against oxidative damage that can lead to premature skin aging.

Green People Sun Cream
Green People’s Sun Lotion has won awards from Natural Health International Beauty Awards and the Beauty Awards 2015. And the children’s sun cream was a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist’s Baby Awards 2015. The solution is 78% organic and is rich in natural antioxidants. So although there are still a few chemicals to be found in the cream, there aren’t as many as off-the-shelf lotions, so skin can still be protected whilst also utilising some of nature’s best solutions. 

We are certainly not recommending that you run out in the sunshine with a small amount of coconut oil rubbed on your cheeks – especially if you have fair skin. But when choosing natural skincare remedies and looking at natural ingredients, it is helpful to know how they can benefit your skin in the sun. When the sunshine does eventually come out, we’ll certainly be lathering up with one of Badger’s solutions.

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