Nathalie Bond's Team - What To Give This Christmas

November 13, 2018

Nathalie Bond's Team - What To Give This Christmas

The team at Nathalie Bond have had some fun thinking about Christmas gifts for 2018.

See what each team member has proposed. The gifts range from physical gifts to ways to spend time together in a different ways at this special time of year. Obviously gifting someone with Nathalie Bond products is always a great idea. ;)


  1. Help a friend get kick started on their eco journey with these lovely eco geek sets from the wisehouse.
  2. Visit the treehouse café in Sheffield and have a family ‘game off’, whilst enjoying some food and drink.
  3. Gift someone with bought or homemade Beeswax wraps – the beeswax wrap co. have some lovely patterns, and also answers to all things beeswax wrap!


  1. Ocelot Chocolate - I'm a sucker for the gorgeous packaging and it’s made by a small family business too.
  2. Edinburgh Gin - nice packaging again! A good G and T really helps when you've got the relatives staying for the Christmas holiday.
  3. I don't think I'll be able to afford a Porsche in this life. The closest I'll get is getting this Porsche Design External Hard Drive from Father Christmas.
  4. Apart from that, I'm just happy to receive beer.


  1. A living plant, I always think this is nice because it's a gift that must be kept alive and as such it reminds the person of you regularly. They can also live for years! Also if you get certain types they act as air purifiers. 
  2. A hand painted ceramic gift, there are lots of shops like planet pot in Sheffield and across the country. If the readers have small kids/babies, hand and feet prints are a lovely way to decorate. It's a great gift for grandparents. A common choice is a mug, bauble or plate/tile.
  3. If you knit/crochet, christmas tree decorations are really cute little gifts that are cheap to make but take lots of time and energy with a specific person in mind.


  1. Buy someone a knife from sheffield knives - don't let the website put you off. The best kitchen and outdoor knives, made in Sheffield by sheffielders. 
  2. The perfect present for somebody who loves the outdoors. Visit the helko
  3. This BBQ sauce by omemade is still one of my favourites. A great gift.


  1. Go Ice Skating!
  2. Visit the Christmas Lights across London. Find out when they are switched on this year, here.
  3. Do secret santa with a few friends.


  1. A Tisserand diffuser!
  2. A family photo shoot with Kirsten Johnson , Sheffield based photographer.
  3. Family card games - Uno or Monopoly Deal. Great stocking fillers and totally necessary for every household.

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