Indie Christmas Gift Guide - Written by Team NBO

December 05, 2016

Indie Christmas Gift Guide - Written by Team NBO

As you might expect, at Nathalie Bond Organics we like to support other indie businesses, which is why we try to buy most of our Christmas shopping from smaller retailers. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with indie businesses though, as they are usually a little harder to find. So, to help you out, the Nathalie Bond team has highlighted some gifts they'd like to buy/receive this year...

Tea Gift Set from Letterbox Gifts. I love the real meaning behind Christmas and the real gift that Jesus is to the world. If I am honest though, I find Christmas shopping a bit of a chore and I would much rather we remembered that it was Jesus that got the gifts and not us... though possibly that's because I find it difficult to buy gifts! So this year I will be looking for companies who take the stress out of Christmas and make it easier for men like me. I love the selection of products that the Letterbox Gifts has put together, and the Tea Gift Set in particular would please my tea loving wife.

Dark Tan Leather Wallet from Betty and Betts. I have needed a new purse for a while now as I constantly buy cheap purses that “do the job” but get scuffed and broken within months. I am all about basic designs and I fell in love with this simple but cute look. I think it is time I ditch the high street fashion purses and search for better quality that will last, and this purse would suit me nicely… Time for me to start dropping subtle hints!

Optional Classic Trekking Knife from Fforest General StoresFrance; home of great wine, Asterix and brilliant pocket knives. What man doesn't want a tiny orange knife in their Christmas stocking? I used to have one of these as a teenager, it replaced an overly bulky and complicated swiss army knife that had loads of stuff you don't need. It's super simple and the bright colour makes it slightly easier to find. Perfect for mucking about in the woods or surviving during a zombie apocalypse.

Ylang Ylang + Bergamot Body Scrub from Nathalie Bond Organics. Someone had to pick something we make! This scrub is definitely a present that I'm buying my friends this year. With these cold December nights, the thought of a nice hot bath has never been more appealing. Not only do these scrubs smell amazing and exfoliate your skin – they also moisturise, leaving your skin feeling amazingly soft. Say goodbye to dry winter skin! 

Bonsai Kit from Geo-Fleur. When my husband and I got married, one of our guests gifted us with a beautiful Bonsai tree. Sadly, it got left in a gift bag and neglected for several weeks whilst we were on honeymoon – so it didn't last very long. Ever since then, I have wanted to buy a new one. Bonsai trees are notoriously difficult to take care of, but this kit includes all you need to look after it. Yes please Santa!

Gift Box from Rockbox. This Christmas I really needed some fresh inspiration for my gift buying. Pinterest is always a wonderful source of inspiration, but I have to say one our of lovely British stockists won my heart. Especially because a line in her story really resonated with me: "time became precious and gift giving became a last minute rush or, more often than not, totally forgotten. What Chief Rocker needed was a stylish yet effortless gifting solution - and the inspiration for Rockbox was born!"

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