FREE Nathalie Bond Christmas Gift Boxes

December 04, 2018

free skincare gift box

Are you struggling to think of a present for a family member or even a friend? If you have used Nathalie Bond organic products before, then you will know how wonderful they are. So why not give them as a gift to someone you care about, at Christmas?

Order before Christmas & you will receive a free personalised gift box for every 3 items you buy

Select a gift box with three products and the gift box will be provided free of charge - just don't forget to tell us in the notes what you want to say on it!

Here’s a quick run down of what you could have:


You can choose from our wonderful soap bars or liquid soaps. These are perfect stocking fillers. We offer many scents in both ranges of products. Including the well publicised charcoal soap. And don’t forget, if you want something really gentle and unscented, then our Gentle range, including soap is a real winner.

Face Products

We just love all the organic face products from Nathalie Bond. Working with oil always raises questions with potential customers – but those who use our organic skincare range will never choose anything else!

One of our new tins of lip balm make for a stocking filler or to go into one of our custom gift boxes. Perfect for the cold winter days that will be coming.

Body Scrubs & Bath Salts

Or how about body scrub, bath salts or skin balm? Our organic body scrubs are an ideal present, as not everyone treats themselves to this sort of product on a regular basis. They are gentle on the skin, organic and totally cruelty free, as are all of the products we handmake at Nathalie Bond. Our organic bath salts are created with Himalayan pink salts and with these, you can choose between Bloom or Unwind. And the skin balms are just delicious - totally nourishing for face and body!

For The Home

Home mists and candles are always extremely popular choice from the Nathalie Bond range and make ideal Christmas presents. Subtle fragrances that will ensure your home smells wonderful and fresh. And don't forget the Winter Candle - Christmas in a candle!

All Wrapped Up

So, how about you choose three products and we wrap them up in a custom gift box for you - a personally labelled box that will look so special as a gift for Christmas.

If you are ordering for more than one person, then just add in your notes, which products are going to who. Then let us know what your message is for the front of your gift box and they will arrive, all ready to go under the Christmas tree. Just add a sprig of holly!

A bit more info...

What is fantastic with Nathalie Bond products is, not only are they certified organic, with no nasty chemicals in them, but they are also not tested on animals. They are really popular with vegans as well as customers who suffer with skin related complaints such as eczema or dermatitis. And our Gentle range are great in pregnancy or for babies.

And don't forget...

Order before Christmas and you will receive a free gift box for every 3 items you buy

Select a gift box with three products and the gift box will be provided free of charge - just don't forget to tell us in the notes what you want to say on it!

So what are you waiting for? 3 products in one box - just perfect for Christmas

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