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Nathalie Bond Essentail Oil Blends

organic essential oil blends

We love to simplify things at Nathalie Bond and bring solutions to our customers requests.

One of these solutions is our new addition of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends. For a little while now, we have had customers requesting that we introduce reed diffusers. There have been a few reasons why we haven’t introduced them –

  • We haven’t managed to find a recipe that wouldn’t compromise our decision on the ingredients we use, or would allow them hold their fragrance. No one wants to spend money on something that isn’t effective!
  • We are a family focused business, and we therefore want out products to be child friendly. If reed diffusers are accidently spilled or digested, the consequences aren’t fun. We would rather avoid that possibility!
  • reed diffusing tends to be a more expensive way to diffuse essential oils because a large quantity of essential oil is required

And now a few reasons we have introduced Essential Oil blends instead:

  • Safer for little fingers.
  • More economical
  • Helps head colds or bronchitis get better quicker
  • Promotes optimal sleep
  • Creates calm and peace before guests arrive (or in the rooms of warring children!)

Types of Diffusers that can be used

In the Bond household this really is our new all-time favourite thing to do. One of our boys was recently ill with tonsillitis, and the usual autumn lurgies, and the diffuser was on throughout the day with our Revive Essential Oil Blends in whichever room he was in, to alleviate his cough and clear his sinuses. All we did was add about 8-10 drops to the diffuser and let it works its magic. He loved it and we really noticed how it alleviated big long coughing fits.

We have opted for an ultrasonic cool mist diffuser as we felt this has the best benefits. There are a few options of diffuser you can go for, here are the options and a few pro’s and con’s –

Essential Oil Burner

Pros: Oil burners are generally inexpensive, but only a few drops of essential oil are required.

Cons: The risk for forgetting they are burning and causing a fire is high. However, the biggest argument of all against any essential oil burner − and the main reason this method is not recommended for therapeutic use − is that the essential oils are heated. You will obtain little to no therapeutic benefit from this type of diffusing because essential oils are delicate, volatile, and contain the life energy of the plant they come from. When you heat them, you actually change or destroy the phytochemical content of that oil. So, use an essential oil burner if you just want a nice smell in the room (termed “recreational fragrance”). If you really want and need the therapeutic benefit from your essential oils, use an ultrasonic cool mist diffuser or a nebulizer.

Nebulizer Diffuser (aka Cold Air Diffuser)

Pros: This type of diffuser is considered to be one of the most therapeutic because the essential oils are not diluted − the nebulizer operates without water or a carrier oil. It also does not heat the essential oils, thus the therapeutic properties of the oils are retained. The essential oil molecules released into the room are so fine they tend to remain suspended in the air for a few hours. Some feel this method energizes the oils and increases the oxygen content in the oil molecules. Another benefit is that it adds no humidity to the room, which can occur with the ultrasonic cool mist diffuser.

Cons: Nebulizers tend to cost more than other styles of diffusers for essential oils. A nebulizer can be fairly noisy while operating unless it is specifically designed not to be. Because the essential oils are not diluted, much more essential oil is utilized during operation. This method really eats up the oils. It is more difficult to use a blend of essential oils since a single bottle is normally placed on the atomizer.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser

Pros: This is one of the most economical ways to diffuse essential oils. Due to the fact that the oils are dripped into a water reservoir, only a few drops of each oil are required. The cool mist diffuser can double as a humidifier − it does add humidity to the room. This type of diffuser generally has a timed function so you can set it to run for a particular length of time. It usually also has a safety off-switch when the water level falls too low, and is easy to clean and refill. This is a good style of diffuser to use with children as the concentration of the oil will not be too potent.

Cons: The ultrasonic cool mist diffuser can be a little on the expensive side although cheaper models are increasingly available. Also, because it does emit the oils in a micro-fine mist, it does add humidity to a room. If there is an existing mould problem, this may not be the best diffuser to choose.

Nathalie Bond E.O Blend Scents

You can see the benefit of each of our scents by reading more on essential oils used by Nathalie Bond. Why not fill your home with the festive scent of Christmas with our Winter Essential Oil Blend, or fight off the horrible winter lurgies with our Revive Essential Oil Blend, or just bring a bit of zest after a house clean with our Glow Blend. Our Unwind Essential Oil Blend will settle a busy mind at the end of a long day. Whilst our Bloom Essential Oil Blend will bring a floral lift to your home. Finally our Sunshine Essential Oil Blend is known to have a positive effects on immune health, blood flow and lifting mood.

They all have wonderful benefits and we hope will bring another way of fragrancing your home and bringing therapeutic benefits to different life struggles we all face.

A little note

When choosing essential oils for therapeutic use, purity matters. Always choose a high quality, organic essential oil that has been properly distilled so that its phytochemical content has not been compromised. Beware of cheap oils because they are usually created with or diluted by potentially toxic chemical ingredients. Be sure to ask questions and discover for yourself which essential oil companies are reputable and which ones are better avoided. Our Essential Oil Blends only use pure natural ingredients.



I would like to use your oils in my Pilates studio.
Please could you recommend a brand of ultra sonic mist diffuser to buy.
Kind regards

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