Nat Bond Takes on the USA

March 07, 2017

Nat Bond Takes on the USA

This Friday, Nat Bond will be hopping on a flight to California. Sounds glamorous hey? It isn't actually for a holiday but to introduce America to the Nathalie Bond Organics range. Nat will be at Source British in Los Angeles for two days with a stand full of organic skincare and candles, ready to introduce the US to our botanical products.

This week, Nat has the task of fitting our product range into her suitcase, along with all the items you need for a trip to LA. We often talk about the versatility of our products and how our range can simplify your skincare routine. So, we thought we'd lift the lid on Mrs Bond's suitcase and see for ourselves the sort of beauty prodcuts she relies on.

Here's what we found:

1. Bionsen Deodrant
2. Tangle Teazer Brush
3. Bobbles and kirby grips
4. Toothbrush
5. Toothpaste
6. NBO Skin Balm
7. NBO Body Oil
8. NBO Scrub
9. NBO Soap Block
10. Make-up from 100% Pure

Not very much it seems! Nat says she uses the soap to wash her face, body and hair; oil to moisturise post showering; balm to nourish on the go and remove make-up; and scrub to exfoliate. Nat's simple skincare routine only has five steps, and you can find out more about it here:

If you fancy travelling a bit lighter this summer too, all of the Nathalie Bond Organics products mentioned by Nat are available in our online shop in various scent ranges. The skin balm is also handy if you get on the wrong side of the sun and need a bit of extra TLC.

We asked Nat if she found the products handy when travelling and she said: "Not only are the products a nice size for travelling and allowed in hand luggage, they are also handy when skin can get dry up in the sky. I am always relieved to have my pot of balm at the ready to prevent those dry patches from developing. I also love how much our range evokes British nostalgia in me through the simple scents of lavender and rose geranium. This will help me rest easy after a long flight and remind me of home when I am missing the boys!"

Follow Nat's travels on our social media profiles. And if you are an American shop - come and say "Hi"! We'll be on Stand 41 at Source British in the California Market Centre, 13-14 March.

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