Lift the Lid: Rose Geranium Gift Box

December 12, 2016

Lift the Lid: Rose Geranium Gift Box

Fun fact! Rose Geranium + Patchouli is the most popular scent range at Nathalie Bond Organics. We always sell lots of these sweet smelling products and one customer even called the fragrance "heavenly". When we came to create our Christmas gift boxes this year, it made sense to group some of our rose products together - so you could enjoy them all at once. Meet the Rose Geranium Gift Box...

So, it smells great - you've picked up on that point - but it also nourishes your skin. Inside a Rose Geranium Gift Box you will find a Rose Geranium + Patchouli Liquid Soap, Skin Balm and Lip Salve.

Here's how we'd use them...

1. Our Rose Geranium + Patchouli Liquid Soap sits next to our kitchen sink and our bathroom sink. It is made using entirely natural oils so it is super gentle and versatile. Here are just some of the ways we like to make use of it: hand washing, face washing, hair washing, body washing and even kitchen table cleaning. 

2. Once we've had a spruce up with the Liquid Soap, we turn to moisturising. Our Rose Geranium + Patchouli Skin Balm is beeswax-based rather than water-based, so it doesn't contain any preservatives or dry out your skin. Wax sinks much deeper into your skin too, leaving your skin softer for longer. We love to use this product on our faces and as a replacement for body lotion or hand cream.

3. This tiny pot of lip salve is great on the go, because it is small but effective. Also made with beeswax, the Rose Geranium Lip Salve features castor oil, which is thick and tough, allowing it to lock in moisture and protect skin against environmental toxins and harsh weather conditions.

If you fancy a little treat or still need to pick up some presents, our Rose Geranium Gift Box is the perfect indie, handmade gift. Check it out:

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