How To Help Dry Skin Conditions

October 08, 2018

how to help dry skin

We have many customers who buy from us who are looking for simple solutions for their problematic skin conditions.We wanted to publish our thoughts on how to help dry skin conditions, using Nathalie Bond products.

Ailments our customers suffer with are namely, but not exclusively –

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Inflamed skin
  • Acne
  • Dry/Flaky Skin

Our simple ‘less is more’ approach is creating a wonderful buzz from our customers with more difficult needs. Here are just some of the amazing testimonials we have received from customers. They really do speak for themselves -

“I was initially quite unsure about using an oil as a moisturiser because of having combination skin. Having recently had an operation, my skin was feeling quite dry. Within days, this face oil had rehydrated my skin and it looked healthy and fresh. My concerns about it causing spots or clogging pores was unfounded. The bottle is small but I literally use two small amounts from the pipette and that is enough. My skin feels hydrated throughout the whole day. A great product!” Sarah

“I’ve suffered with psoriasis all my life and often have to shave my head in order to allow my scalp to breath as it gets worst affected. I recently shaved my head and was left with red raw circles on my scalp from my psoriasis. I was given some of the gentle face oil by my wife to help soothe my scalp but what I wasn’t expecting was that in a matter of days the itching stopped and the red circles had gone. My scalp feels soft and no longer sore. It’s a winner for me and I will continue to use it on my face and scalp. Great product.” Mally

This is a fantastic balm! My daughter age 11 and I age 40 use this every morning and every evening as our cleanser. Our skin is the best it's been and leaves it silky smooth and makeup free! It's just beautiful. My daughter is at the age of skin changes and was starting to get spot breakouts, this balm has completely got rid of them and is perfect for her sensitive skin.
I cannot recommend highly enough! Katy

I bought your extra sensitive skin balm over the weekend and just wanted to say thanks to whoever created it! I have had bad eczema for years and recently nothing seems to be calming it down...until now! I've only had the balm for three days and already I can see and feel a massive difference. Can only imagine what difference it makes given a few weeks! I will be buying it regularly from now on. Very happy customer! Katie

You can see our separate blog post on ‘why we love oil at Nathalie Bond’ which highlight how the skin reacts to oil, and why we believe our customers are seeing such great responses to our products.

About Mainstream Skincare

Simply put, a lot of mainstream skincare are packed with chemicals and ingredients that strip skin of its natural oils and makes the skin fight harder to calibrate and create more oil. Your skin needs oil and will never stop producing it, so why do we come against that?

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients listing is very simple to navigate and we ensure the inci description is followed by the English so it’s clear what the ingredients are for our customers. Our products are intended to simply assist our customers to cleanse, nourish and exfoliate their skin through just a few products. That, alongside a well-balanced diet, water and exercise is what we deem to be key components of healthy skin.

Please take a few minutes to look at the products we sell. Simple and pure, organic and British. They are handmade, with no chemicals and definitely not tested on animals.

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