Happy Birthday Arpita!

October 11, 2016

World Vision Sponsorship Birthday Card

The lovely girl we sponsor through World Vision is 4-years-old today and want to wish her a HUGE Happy Birthday!

Arpita lives in Vaishali in India, a community that just 11 years ago faced malnutrition, fear of serious illness, poor hygiene and a lack of education. Things have improved significantly since then - thanks to the work of World Vision. Here are some of the amazing things they have achieved...

  • 4,500 children now have access to clean and safe drinking water.
  • The most vulnerable families now own cattle, enabling them to sell milk and provide for their children.
  • 100 volunteers have learned about child rights, meaning children are safer and better protected.
  • More parents now have better income and support their children.
  • 88% of children participate in children's groups, helping them to grow in confidence.
  • More mothers are feeding their children a nutritious diet.
  • 82% of children had essential vaccinations before their first birthday.
  • Schools now have benches and desks so children are more comfortable at school.

We feel so privileged to be able to support Arpita and ensure she has the opportunities in life that our own children have. We are able to do this because you support us and buy our products - thanks so much! When we established Nathalie Bond Organics we wanted to improve the lives of other individuals, so it is a joy to see Arpita coming on leaps and bounds.

Find out about World Vision here: http://www.worldvision.org.uk

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