Getting the Baby Basics Right

January 24, 2017

Getting the Baby Basics Right

We recently dropped off some organic soap blocks at Baby Basics. We were so impressed by what they do; we have started to support them regularly. And as it is your money spent on our products that allows us to send gifts to charities, we thought we’d introduce you to Baby Basics!

So, meet Baby Basics, a volunteer-led charity that helps new mothers and families who are struggling with the financial and practical pressures a new arrival can bring. The team works alongside other frontline professionals (midwives, social workers etc.) to provide essentials and equipment to those who are unable to access these items themselves. A baby basics care package is a Moses Basket of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment. They often provide vital support for teenage mums, people seeking asylum and women fleeing domestic abuse and trafficking. 

Nat explains why she wanted to support Baby Basics: "Baby Basics drew my attention for several reasons, the first being that it was local to us, the second being that it supported our vision as a business to support suffering mothers, carers and the children they care for under the age of five. I know how precious those first months of a baby's life are and the thought of another mother not being able to enjoy them because of violence and basic care is awful. That's why I love Baby Basics, and have chosen to support their endeavours. "

And the work Baby Basics does makes a real difference. Here’s some feedback they received from clients…

“We are now so excited about the arrival of our little one. Before this we weren’t able to even think about it, now we can be excited.

“I was so happy, I just couldn’t believe it, I was crying and crying.”

“Today Baby Basics have given me a choice. Before, in order to be able to give my baby the things it needed I had to go back to a violent man. But with this pack I have the freedom to stay in a safe place and still provide for my baby.”

And from the midwives…

“Giving women the hope and security that they have those first items to bring their baby home is very special and could not be done without Baby Basics.”

“The circumstances our women find themselves in often co-exist with mental health issues. The relief that comes with the basket is much more than can be explained.”

“There is no safety net for these women, many would be left without these essentials if it was for Baby Basics.”

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