A Story of Lip Salves + Happy Customers

September 12, 2016

Nathalie Bond Organics Lip Salves - handmade, natural and botanical

Our little pots of lip-nourishment are some of our best sellers. In rose, orange and mint, the Nathalie Bond Organics Lip Salves are a blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, castor oil, olive oil and various essential oils. These natural ingredients are a dream team when it comes to banishing dry lips. Cocoa butter hydrates the skin, making lips feel soft and supple; castor oil can lock in moisture and protect against environmental toxins and harsh weather conditions; and olive oil is super nutritious and a wonderful solution for dry skin. 

We could spend all day going on about how much we like these lip salves but we thought our customers would do a much better job. Here are some of their comments...

Yesterday I trialled the double mint lip salve all day to see how effective it was. Very satisfied customer. Didn't feel addicted to it, or like I needed to keep reapplying constantly. And I was outside in the wind a cold today for a walk too. So a good test. Thank you Nathalie Bond Organics. I will be purchasing this again.

Your minty lip salve came with me into the delivery suite! All the breathing made my lips really dry and it was perfect.

I love this lip balm and use it all the time! It's a little bit of luxury you can use on the go, wherever you are. I also love the smell of the sweet orange. Just a subtle hint of orange, and it doesn't smell of chemicals like so many other scented products do. I've also noticed I don't need to use as much of it as I do other lip balms.

I tend to suffer with dry and cracked lips, particularly in winter, but I have noticed a significant improvement in my lips since using the Sweet Orange Lip Salve. I love the deliciously refreshing fragrance of the sweet orange and the texture, which is neither sticky nor slimy and leaves lips feeling soft and natural.

I received the Rose Geranium Lip Salve for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It's very moisturising but mostly I love the smell. It's very 'natural' smelling and a bit herby but very delicate. Six months down the line and I still adore the smell every time I put it on. Nuala

Give them a try here: http://bit.ly/1HCiNVC

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