World Vision Update

February 17, 2016

Drawing from Arpita at World Vision

As you well know, we work with charity World Vision to support a little girl called Arpita who lives in one of the poorest and most neglected states in India, Vaishali. Which means that every time you purchase a Nathalie Bond Organics product, you help Arpita get better access to food, clean water, healthcare, education and all the life essentials our children have easy access to in the UK. 

This week we had a lovely surprise because we received a drawing in the post from Arpita! When we established Nathalie Bond Organics it was really important to us that we were a business that helped to make the world a better place. And we didn’t want to just do that through creating ethical products, but by actively supporting the work of amazing charities. World Vision is the largest children’s charity and they bring hope to millions of children across the globe every day. It is a total pleasure to work with them and to be able to support Arpita.

Find out more about World Vision and how to sponsor a child at  

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