Lovely Lip Salves

February 10, 2016

nathalie bond organics lip salves in rose, orange and mint

A little pot of lip salve is pretty much a necessity in winter. When the wind/rain/snow/hail is giving your face a good lashing, a fruity pot of organic balm is needed to banish dried lips and perk you up after a frosty winter walk. You might already have a tub of Nathalie Bond Organics lip salve to hand, but we now have some new chunkier containers.

Don't worry! The delightful fragrances are still the same - they are available in Peppermint + Spearmint, Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium. Anyway, fragrances aside, let's take the lid off and find out why the ingredients inside can help you beat the winter blues...

Cocoa butter is packed with fatty acids that can help improve skin moisture retention and elasticity. It also hydrates the skin, making your lips feel soft and supple. There are plenty of antioxidants hidden in the butter, combating free radicals and saving your skin from damaging environmental factors and the signs of aging.

Castor oil is thick, sticky and tough, which means it can lock in moisture and protect skin against environmental toxins and harsh weather conditions.

Olive oil when cold pressed, is a heavy fatty oil that is super nutritious and a wonderful solution for dry skin. It’s also got a bit of Vitamin E up its sleeve and it enhances exfoliation to ensure you remove all those nasty bits of dry skin.

AND peppermint can calm irritated skin, spearmint is an antiseptic, sweet orange can relieve inflammation and rose geranium prevents infections.

Nathalie Bond Organics Lip Salves are £6.00 and can be purchased here:

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