What's the Deal with Oil-Based Skincare?

January 13, 2016

Nathalie bond organics body oil and rose

It's a new year, so we are helping you get into a new skincare routine. One of the questions we are frequently asked is, "why oil-based products?" and "how and when should I use an oil-based product?" We are so used to stripping our skin of any natural oils, the idea of adding oil to our skin can seem counterproductive. Why add oil to my skin when I spend all day trying to prevent it? - I hear you cry! Well, we've got some answers for you...
1. First of all, oil is good for dehydrated, dried-out skin. Cream-based moisturisers contain a lot of water, which actually dehydrates skin. As much as pouring a glass of water over your face might sound like the best way to get hydrated quick, it actually does the very opposite, which is why your face often feels tight after washing it.

2. A complaint that is often levelled at body oils is that they are sticky, or take ages to absorb. While it is true that oils take a bit of time to sink into the skin, they actually sink much deeper than creams do. In fact, creams are so light they can easily be wiped off before they have even had chance to enhance your skin. So, you might feel a little "oily" for 5 mins, but you'll have hydrated skin all day long.

3. If you miss that healthy, luminous skin you had as a child then oils can help. During youth, skin naturally produces an abundance of oils that are good for skin cells. As we get older that natural glow fades with decreased levels of oil production. But we can add them back in, using body oils and skin balms. These oily products will improve your lipid barrier, retaining moisture and warding off dehydration. 

4. Essential oils can be used in place of synthetic fragrances to add natural aromas to cosmetics. We have a whole range of fabulous smelling products that are entirely natural thanks to the essential oils extracted from lemons, oranges, flowers, plants, trees... the list goes on! It basically means you can smell fabulous without bathing in chemicals. 

5. Individual oils are packed full of skincare solutions, so we use a load of them in our various creations. These are some of our favourites...
Jojoba Oil
This remedy is pretty magical. It has an affinity with our body's sebum, which means it is more readily absorbed than other oils. It helps balance sebum production when applied topically, so your skin should be neither oily nor dry.
Olive Oil
When cold pressed, olive oil is a heavy fatty oil that is super nutritious and a wonderful solution for dry skin. It’s also got a bit of Vitamin E up its sleeve and it enhances exfoliation to ensure you remove all those nasty bits of dry skin.
Argan Oil
Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil glides into the skin easily. It is not greasy or an irritant, which makes it the ideal moisturiser. It’s non-offensive nature means it is suitable for use anywhere on the body.
Coconut Oil
This delightfully-scented oil has become popular in the last few years due to its versatility. It moisturises dry skin, removes makeup, reduces wrinkles, prevents dandruff, protects from the sun and smells like a tropical holiday.


Hopefully this has answered some of your questions! Three of the four oils above can be found in our Body Oil collection. Infused with rose geranium or lavender, our body oils make the perfect moisturiser after a long soak in the bath or even a quick shower. Plus, they leave you smelling wonderful. 

Find them in the shop: http://www.nathaliebond.com/collections/organic-body-oil

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