Ditch the Chemicals and Cash in on NBO’s January Skincare Offer

January 06, 2016

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January is a month for new year’s resolutions and diets that attempt to cancel out the excessive eating and drinking over the festive period. But dieting and fitness regimes aside, have you ever considered what you absorb through your skin and the impact that has on your health? On average, women apply 168 chemicals to their skin every day with little consideration for the damaging effect such substances can have.

Unfortunately, there is very little regulation around what skincare companies can put in their products. They can pretty much pack whatever they want into the tiny tubes and bottles we buy at the chemist, and they don’t have to be very transparent about it either. A few of the nasties found in everyday skin products are parabens (linked to an increased risk of breast cancer) synthetic colours (drawn from coal tar and petroleum), triclosan (linked to bacteria becoming antibiotic-resistant), sodium lauryl sulphate (known to cause kidney and respiratory damage) and many, many more. For 10 of the worst offenders, read Vanessa Cunningham’s Huffington Post article, 10 Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid.   

But, don’t fear! It’s not all bad news. Nowadays we have more choice than the basic skincare on offer in your local chemist. At Nathalie Bond Organics we create skincare using natural ingredients instead of reams of chemicals. Our simple range of organic skincare, features body oils, balms, scrubs and lip salves, infused with natural fragrances such as rose geranium, lemongrass, sweet orange and peppermint. And, natural options don't just replace chemicals they are actually good for you too - tightening skin, reducing blemishes and fighting infections.

To help you kick start a natural cosmetics routine we are giving away FREE lip salves and skin balms when you spend over £30 and £50 online. Plus, keep an eye out for informative blogs for the rest of the month, showcasing how nature can benefit your skin.  

ps. Orders over £30 will receive a free lip salve and orders over £50 will receive a free skin balm. This offer runs 06/01/16 until midnight 31/01/16.

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