Nathalie Bond Organics Stocking Fillers

November 25, 2015

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It’s exactly one month until Christmas! It has to be said that our Gift Boxes are probably a little too large to stuff into a stocking. However, the good news is, we do have a whole range of smaller bits and bobs that will slip into a sock with ease...

Lip Salve, £4.50

The smallest of our product range, the NBO Lip Salve can fit snuggly into a make-up bag or even a purse. In three scents, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange and Double Mint, the lip salve protects and nourishes at the same time, fighting off the elements and leaving lips feeling smooth and supple. 


Wash Block, £5.00

This versatile block of soapy goodness comes in a range of scents so it is sure to please everyone from Grandma to Uncle Bob. Choose from the floral fragrances of rose geranium or lavender, or head for the subtler aromas of pine needle, eucalyptus and peppermint. The Wash Block combines essential oils with silky smooth clay, vitamins and plant buds to cleanse and clean without drying out skin.


Small Candle, £11.00

A snuggly Christmas is made complete with a delightfully scented candle. Aside from our special Orange + Clove winter candle, we have four other options, including Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Pine Needle + Juniper. NBO candles are created with a simple, chemical-free recipe of soy wax and essential oils, so they smell great and don’t fill you house with nasty chemicals!


Skin Balm, £15.00

A more luxurious stocking filler, the NBO Skin Balm melts into the skin, moisturising and brightening dry and dull patches with beautifully scented essential oils. In Rose Geranium, Lavender and Extra Sensitive, the skin balm is good for hands, feet, body, face and it even makes a pretty nifty beard oil (so we’ve been told!)

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

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