Winter Skin Remedies

November 02, 2015

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As much as we love the glittering snowflakes, cosy fireplace evenings and the Christmas festivities that arrive with winter, it is also the source of many a runny nose, icy roads and skincare woes. With the sparkling frost comes a chilly temperature that can crack even the softest skin and leave you with a face that feels tired, tight and dry. But, don't worry! It's not all bad news! We have some lovely natural remedies for you...

1. Extra Sensitive Skin Balm
Unscented and free from essential oils, this lovely little pot of balm is ideal for hands, cheeks or even beards! Blended with apricot kernel oil, the light and gentle remedy absorbs easily into the skin, moisturising and nourishing as it goes. Before you go to sleep rub a little onto your cheeks and into any dry areas, and then all you need to do is sleep while it works its magic! Plus, because it is super sensitive, it can be used by mums-to-be, breastfeeding mums and even babies. 

2. Peppermint + Eucalyptus Body Scrub
Peppermint and eucalyptus are a dynamic pair. A few of the things they are known for include soothing irritated skin, relieving tension headaches and clearing the airways (see Vicks). So, if the cold wind whips up a headache or delivers you a runny nose, step into the shower with this body scrub and breathe in the natural fragrances. Obviously, it doesn't just smell great, the body scrub also removes dried out skin too.

3. Sweet Orange Lip Salve
One of the worst winter woes is chapped lips. But you can combat that with one of our aromatic lip salves. With a lovely Christmassy scent, the Sweet Orange Lip Salve utilises the moisturising properties of cocoa butter to soften lips and improve elasticity. And, the addition of castor oil protects from toxins, so you can repair and protect lips all at the same time.

Other Winter Tips...

1. We LOVE Donna Wilson's knitwear. Donna knits delightful designs into the softest lambswool. We suggest you bundle yourself up in a load of her scarves.
2. Get some good boots and go exploring! We love wintery afternoons out in Derbyshire, breathing in the country air and burning off all those hot chocolates.
3. And speaking of hot chocolate, the innovative chocolatiers over at Montezuma's have come up with a chilli hot chocolate. Just drop one "hot shot" into a mug and watch it melt into a delicious drink.

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