Nathalie Bond Organics and World Vision

September 28, 2015

World Vision Sponsorship

Hello! We have a little update about our work with World Vision in supporting a little girl called Arpita. She lives in one of the poorest and most neglected states in India, Vaishali, which is a rural district located in Bihar, in East India.

We receive regular updates about Arpita and her community's progress, and we recently heard some exciting news that we wanted to share with you all. Every time you purchase one of our products you allow us to support Arpita and World Vision, so it is thanks to you that improvements are made possible. 

The big news is: healthcare and nutrition in children is improving.

In 2005 a skilled birth attendant was present at just 1.5% of hospital births. In 2014
 that figure rose to 97.5%. New mothers are taught the benefits of breastfeeding their babies, washing their hands and managing infant diarrhoea. They are also learning how to prevent malaria infection and keep their families safe. Children are eating the nutritionally rich Khichri dish, made with rice, lentils and vegetables, ensuring their future looks healthy. 

It is a pleasure to work with World Vision and have the opportunity to support an organisation that is transforming young lives. Thank you for helping us on that journey!

To find out more about World Vision, visit

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