July 10, 2015

women apply on average of 168 chemicals every day

I noticed this article on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was worth sharing with you. The headline really grabbed my attention.

Just in case you don't have time to read it, below is a direct quote from the article.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists wrote in a 2013 report that there is “robust” evidence linking “toxic environmental agents” to “adverse reproductive and developmental health outcomes.”

It's pretty shocking isn't it?

Many people will look at the ingredients list on food labels when they're out shopping but how many women bother to check the ingredients on skincare products? This is why we have put the ingredients on the front of our new packaging labels to encourage people to actually read them instead of trying to hide them. We want you to know what's in our products because we picked them because they're good for you! One of the reasons Nat started the company is because when she was searching for safe skincare products to use on herself some websites didn't list the ingredients at all preventing her from making an informed decision. Next time you're shopping for skincare products we encourage you to read the ingredients. The chances are you'll have never heard of some of the chemicals used but it's relatively easy to Google them to find out more information. In future posts we'll talk a bit more about which ingredients are good for you and which ingredients are best to avoid.

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