Working with World Vision

April 10, 2015

Little girl sponsored through World Vision

Hello lovelies!

So we have been talking about our company vision for a while now and apologies for a lack of detailed explanation. We now have more information we'd like to share with you! The premise is as follows. While we were in the process of setting up the business we learned that over twenty thousand children under the age of five die every day from preventable causes (UNICEF). It's a daily crisis that's many communities around the world face. Our son was born six weeks early and if we hadn't had the expert care from the wonderful staff at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield he would not have survived. So many children are dying because they're born into poverty where there is no affordable medical care and an infants first 24 hours are the most dangerous hours of their life. We wanted to do something to help so we're giving a portion of our profits to make sure this situation changes in our lifetime.

Our Selection Process

We recently met up with a good friend who is a trained midwife who has worked in the developing world and experienced first hand some of the challenges that pregnant mothers face. One question we asked her was this.

Can you tell us a little about your experience as a midwife in a developing country, and some of the complications you faced and things we take for granted in the first world? 

My experience has reinforced for me that pregnancy and motherhood is inextricably linked with the position of women in society.  It's not just about providing a high quality maternity service, but it's also about working with communities to break down barriers to women accessing those services. As women in the UK, most of us are free to visit a health facility to access maternity care, but this isn't the case for many women in developing countries, who require a male chaperone to accompany them, money for transportation, and a road on which to travel.

Choosing a partner organisation

With this information in our wake we undertook some research into potentially setting up our own charitable organisation or social enterprise, but realised quickly that this would be too challenging for us at this stage. So we decided instead to find a charity that we felt shared our desire to help mothers and vulnerable children in the early stages of early childhood and we are proud to announce that we're working with World Vision! If you're not familiar, World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity, working to bring hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places. Poverty, conflict and disaster leave millions of children living in fear, fear of hunger and disease, violence, conflict and exploitation. World Vision's local staff work in thousands of communities across the world to bring hope. They live and work alongside them, their families and communities to help change the world they live in for good.

We're starting by helping to support a little two year old girl called Arpita from Vaishali in India. In her community, over 50% of the children under 5 years of age are malnourished. World vision are currently in their initial phase of a plan that looks to finish in 2022 and right now the money we are giving to support Arpita and her community is being used to establish good rapport with the communities and the local authorities in order to tackle the health, sanitation, and educational needs of the families. As the income of our company increases so we will be able to give more into the project. We will keep you informed as the project progresses.

We hope to see this community changed!

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