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November 05, 2014

Jane Dawson and friends

Hi there!

Myself or Andy won't ever claim to be scientists but we do believe that actions speak louder than words, so we thought we would allow our products to start speaking for themselves. We have asked one of our good friends Jane Dawson to be a little bit of a guinea pig for us over the last few months as she has suffered with psoriasis and eczema from a young age, and battled to find beauty products to suit her needs. She is here to tell us a bit more about her experience of the beauty industry and her experience of our products...

So Jane...what got you into using only naturally sourced products on your skin, hair and body? I’ve always had ‘problem’ skin, when I was young I had psoriasis which luckily I grew out of however I still have eczema and just generally very dry skin. The main issue though is just how sensitive my skin seems to be. I easily get heat rash all over my chest and face, I often get other mystery reactions to all kinds of things and the moment I travel and use different water, my skin comes out in lots of spots which of course is great for holiday snaps!

Since I was young I have been searching for solutions. I never really enjoyed using chemical products and often gave away Christmas and birthday presents if I received smellies. I remember bathing only in baby oil for many years! I have always been aware that what I put on to my skin is absorbed into my body, we are not waterproof and we wouldn’t dream of digesting any shampoos or moisturisers and yet we are happy to ply them thickly on to our skin. This just never made sense to me. I used to use brands like Simple and ‘fragrance free’, ‘sensitive skin’ products but I still wasn’t happy with this and so a few years ago I decided to try to live in a chemical free house. I researched into different chemicals that are used to make soaps and tried to use as ‘natural’ products as possible. This also applies to cleaning products for my house as well as for my body, hair and face.

Can you explain why you prefer natural over more chemically produced products? They are fresher, more gentle and as effective if not more than their chemical counterparts. I hate perfumes and chemical fragrances and since cutting them out altogether I really notice the difference when exposed to them. Not only does my skin not like them but my other senses as well. I love the variety that you get from natural products, the ingredients are often fresh and the smells and textures are so yummy. I also love the way I can make a lot of my own products from things I already have in my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, my skin is still not perfect, however now I can be confident that what I am putting on my skin is often made from things I would put into my body anyway and not chemicals I can’t pronounce, never mind identify.

You have been a bit of a guinea pig for Nathalie Bond Organics, and we wondered if you could describe your experience of using our products? I love Nathalie Bond Organics, the products are wonderful as well as beautiful to look at (sometimes it’s hard to use them!) I have had some problems with the soaps as unfortunately a few of them have been too rough for my skin because they contain exfoliators. The goats milk one however is a lot more gentle and really moisturises my dry skin. I love the lip balms, especially the grapefruit flavour, it’s so fresh and lasts for ages on my lips rather than a lot of lip balms where you constantly have to reapply. My favourite product however has to be the body oil, I wish I could bathe in it, it is so soft and absorbs so well into my skin I use it every day. It also lasts a lot longer than moisturising creams as you don’t need to use as much.

As you are a customer who is very sensitive to certain products and therefore have to be very selective what to use, what do you particularly look out for when you source products? Parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) are the big ones to watch out for as these not only dry out your skin but are toxins which have proven to have adverse side effects on your health. I also look out for any harsh detergents, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances, as well as propylene glycol, triethanolamine and Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA). There are many more chemicals none of which are great but basically I try to buy products only with ingredients I recognise. I also don’t use products tested on animals or that contain palm oil however this is for other ethical reasons.

And finally...what are your favourite fragrances? I’m a bit old school really, I love lavender, however my boyfriend says it just reminds him of his Grandma so I do try to mix it up a bit as well! I love coconut and honey, especially on my hair (coconut oil and honey make a great hair mask!) I also like jasmine, ylang ylang and passion fruit.

Thanks Jane! :)

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