Facial Oils - What's the benefit?

May 31, 2016

Nathalie Bond Organics Body Oil and stoneware dish

The beauty-guide readers amongst you will be familiar with the rise and rise of facial oils. The skincare world is proclaiming facial oils to be the miracle moisturising cure we've all been waiting for. And we even once took a phone call from a customer asking when we would be bringing out a facial oil. But before you run to the kitchen and start soaking your face in olive oil, let's take a moment to look at why facial oils are worth converting to...

1. As I mentioned in the What's the Deal with Oil-Based Skincare? blog post, oil penetrates much deeper into the skin than cream moisturisers due to its small molecular structure. Plus facial oils are not water based so they are much better equipped at hydrating skin.

2. Hot showers strip skin of its natural oils, so it is super important to replenish them. And whilst you might be familiar with applying lotion or oil to your body once you finishing showering, you mustn't forget to treat your face with the same care. 

3. They are great for sensitive skin. As mentioned above, cream-based oils are about 70% water, so preservatives have to be added to increase shelf life. However, if you have irritable skin chemical preservatives are not going to help you out. In contrast facial oils are a natural moisturiser. For example, the Nathalie Bond Organics Body Oil is made up of a combination of nature's finest oils, including argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, peach kernel oil - plus some beautifully scented essential ois. So you can guarantee you aren't soaking your skin in irritable chemicals.

4. Facial oils help your skin to be better at what it's already good at: protecting itself. Best Health Magazine says: "They’re rich in healthy skin essentials such as moisturising fatty acids, including omega-3, -6 and -9, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and help stabilize natural oil production." 

5. People with acne often dread the thought of applying oil to skin. And as much as it needs to be applied with caution (it is a good idea to patch test), it relieves dehydration, which reduces the overproduction of sebum. So, if your skin is hydrated, excessive sebum could clog pores and increase acne. 

So, now you are all on the facial oils bandwagon you'll be wondering where the Nathalie Bond Organics Facial Oil is - right? Well, it turns out our Body Oil is perfect for face care too. Just dab a little drop on your cheeks and forehead after a shower and massage it into the skin. It takes a little while to soak in, so don't go applying make-up immediately afterwards.

The Nathalie Bond Organics Body Oil is available in Rose Geranium + Patchouli and Lavender + Chamomile.


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